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One of the world's leading ship leasing companies

Recruitment information

CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2012,which is the first leasing company affliated to shipyards in Greater China and one of the leading marine leasing companies. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 17, 2019,with many subsidiaries both at domestic and abroad.

Our mission is to promote the integration of industry and finance in China's shipbuilding industry, gather the superior industry resources, talents and capital both domestically and abroad, as well as continuously extend and enrich the chain of shipbuilding industry. We focus on capital aggregation and amplification of financial platform, and provide our customers with professional, comprehensive and innovative leasing services, to finally drive the sustainable development of the marine industry. We have developed rapidly and have become a well-known leasing company in the field of shipping.

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