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Company Overview

Established in 2012, we are the first shipyard-affiliated leasing company in Greater China and one of the world's leading ship leasing companies. According to the F&S Report, in terms of revenue in 2018, we ranked fourth in the global ship leasing industry with a market share of 3.9% and first in the global non-bank ship leasing industry with a market share of 14.8%.

We provide leasing services to our customers with the options of finance lease and operating lease. With strong maritime expertise and industrial background, we focus on the provision of ship and marine equipment leasing services. We also provide shipbroking services and loan services.

We have a diversified, modern and young vessel fleet. As at 31 December 2020, our vessel portfolio reached 136, of which 90 were operating and 46 were under construction. The utilization rate of our ship portfolio reached 100%, and the recovery rate of charter hire in cash was 97.65%. The Group continued to maintain a diverse, modern and young ship portfolio. In terms of contract amount, bulk carriers, container vessels, tankers, marine clean energy equipment and special tonnage carriers accounted for 19%, 11%, 14%, 34%, and 22%, respectively. The allocation of ship assets was diverse with reasonable structure and has continuous competitiveness.

We have established a comprehensive and effective risk management system. Our risk management system covers various types of risks involved in our business operations. We assess our risk exposure at every major stage of our business operations, from due diligence, project assessment and approval, contract execution, release of funds to lease management. Our five-category asset quality classification system, which was established with reference to the Guidelines of Asset Risk Classification for Non-bank Financial Institutions published by the CBRC, also allows us to effectively evaluate the quality of our asset portfolio.

As the sole leasing company under CSSC Group, we benefit from close business relationships with CSSC Group.we benefit from close business relationships with CSSC Group, one of our controlling shareholders. We believe that the background of our shareholders sets us apart from our competitors and enhances our competitiveness in the leasing industry.

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